School Impact Program

EsportsGear is a proud USA company working directly with high schools, colleges and even professional teams outside of Esports. Our owned factory has spent the past 10 years cultivating and embracing consumer relationships directly out of Las Vegas and we are happy to bring that same success into our Esports brand. As of 2020 we have a robust supply line for dye sublimation, embroidery, DTG and other printing styles all done inside the USA.

We are happy to announce our 'EsportsGear School Impact Program'. Please read below how you can connect with us to start your journey today!

What is the 'EsportsGear School Impact Program'?
Any qualifying school program may contact us and receive the following premium benefits with our brand:

  • Free Jersey/Street Gear Designs (that's right, you don't pay a cent until your store is up and running and you buy your first item) Includes one free jersey design and free 'street gear' setup we will update every year you are an active member of the 'Impacting Schools Program'.                                      
  • At-Cost Design Setup Want extra items not included with initial store setup inside the 'Impacting Schools Program'? Let your account manager know and we will quote out additional items we will design at-cost.

  • Internal Use 10% Discount Code for Jerseys (player/faculty/staff only)
  •  Free Store Hosting (store can be private or public

  •  Company Account Manager (we have an inhouse service team that will work with you for the life of your partnership with our company. Account Managers typically reply to service requests same day or within 24-48 hours on our discord)   

  • One Jersey Design = Three Tiers choices of Quality (we offer a 'Gold Tier', 'Platinum Tier' and 'Diamond Tier' of jersey quality all of which are eligible for the 10% internal discount

and much more! We will tailor a package that fits your school/community.

How does my school qualify for the program?
We are currently working with and looking to work with schools that at are least club level; club level meaning there is a faculty member or teacher from the school running the program. If your team is school funded/sanctioned you automatically qualify. If you are not a funded or sanctioned team reach out to us to discuss how we can still get you into the program if criteria are met.

Once you are ready to start, simply have your club/team manager or faculty member in charge of your program VISIT OUR DISCORD and request a sales team member to speak to you (by DM or in general chat) or simply use the contact form below with details about your program and any questions you may have. From there we will take approximately 1-2 weeks developing your designs and getting your store-front live!
Simply Put: EsportsGear is here to change the way school programs think about purchasing apparel. With our items being directly made and shipped from our Las Vegas factory, we are happy to give schools an alternative to the current market with a company who eats, breathes and sleeps in the Esports and Apparel industries!
With the lowest cost to our school partners and fastest processing/shipping times in the market on the highest quality dye sublimated goods, what are you waiting for? Reach out to us today and get started on your path to #GearUp.